The Wizz Computers Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions of Sale

This Warranty document will determine the processes which are to be followed in the event that any item becomes non-functional during the warranty period.

This Warranty is for one year unless otherwise stated on the invoice and covers any faulty software at the point of when it is first installed, hardware malfunctions, excluding problems that arise due to user error or software or hardware installed by the user or third parties after the initial installation. If any hardware is modified or added to the PC system by the purchaser, the user or any third party, the warranty will become null and void.

Software Warranty covers only Original Software bought from The Wizz Computers Ltd, it does not cover any original software bought from other than The Wizz Computers Ltd. Under no circumstances will this Warranty cover any Viruses, Adware, Spyware, Malware or combination thereof. The Wizz Computers Ltd is not responsible whatsoever for any loss of data or software under any circumstances. All customers agree to secure their data or software by making and securing the appropriate backup arrangements.

All Original Invoices, Packaging, Boxes, Accessories, CD’s, DVD’s, Blu Ray Disc, Manuals, etc. must accompany all returns without any markings. Special Custom Built Systems or Special Customer ordered items cannot be returned for a refund.

Complete Computer Systems, Printers, Scanners, Monitors, TV’s, Game Consoles, Parts and any other item which can be connected directly or indirectly to any Electrical Power Outlet must be protected against surges, spikes, brownouts and power outages by a functional Electrical Spike UPS or Electrical Line Spike Regulator whether suggested or advised by The Wizz Computers Ltd’s representative or not.

Warranty claims require diagnostics, if certified defective, items will be replaced by the same or equivalent or alternative item of same or lesser value; however, if the same or equivalent or alternative item is higher in cost, the customer is required to pay the difference in cost between the original item and the replacement item. If any regular or special order item requires warranty the customer agrees to wait until the product, its equivalent or replacement can be provided.

This Warranty does not offer instant or loaner replacement, however, we will do our best to speed up the warranty process provided that all products returned meet the warranty terms and conditions.

Batteries, whether inclusive or separate to items purchased, Flash Drives, Flash Media, MP3/4 players, Inks, Toners, Stereos, any external devices and all items about which the invoice states “No Warranty” are not covered under this warranty, as their functionality depends purely on proper use, therefore there will be no refund in full or in part or any exchange unless otherwise stated in this warranty document to be signed by the Sales Manager of The Wizz Computers Ltd.

It is the customer’s right to request and ensure that all electrical/electronic item/s which carry a “less than” or “no warranty” period, be tested in their presence to ensure proper working order.

This Warranty does not cover or extend to any product which has been physically damaged, burned, soaked, abused, misused, neglected, repaired or modified. On inspection, all warranties will become voided and no refund or replacement of any kind will be given if any product has been damaged or tampered with.

The Wizz Computers Ltd is not responsible for verifying incompatibilities issues before the customer makes the purchase.

Any customer who purchases a product(s), takes it away and comes back subsequently claiming that the item is incompatible will not be refunded. However, in the unlikely event that the customer insists that a refund is absolutely required, (a) A 15% restocking fee will apply to the cost of all returns for refund under this circumstance or (b) The Wizz Computers Ltd will replace the item without cost to the customer up to the value of the purchased item with anything from our current inventory or (c) The customer will be given the opportunity to accept a credit note for value of the purchased item, to be used within (6) six months of the issuing of the credit note.

All item(s) left for repairs are not the responsibility of The Wizz Computers Ltd, after the respective person(s) have been informed that their item/s are ready to be collected and if the customer having failed to do so within one month after the first attempt to contact him/her. Contact attempts will be made via contact numbers, email, and will be noted; attempts to contact the customer will be done a maximum of three times, after which the item(s) will be disposed of or sold to recover repair/diagnostic cost(s).

If the transaction was processed via credit card and the transaction needs to be reversed in order for refund, the refund value will be 15% less the purchased value for restocking of item. If the credit card transaction cannot be refunded, the refund will be less the 15% restocking fee and the credit card bank fee.

HP products carry their own warranty and will not be honoured by The Wizz Computers Ltd.

All Warranty items being replaced, continues from the date of initial purchase.

All Service, Installation and Diagnostic fees are non-refundable. Items deemed to be defective by the customer which when in fact tested are functional will incur a $75.00 diagnostic fee.

All Refunds to be made under any circumstance will be done via cheque payment and made out to the purchaser and paid within (5) business days, and must be approved by Management.